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Gas Safety


Gas Safety

As a gas safe registered company our aim is to make it easy for you to be compliant we are able to offer gas safety inspections on all commercial laundry and catering equipment.

Our Gas inspection includes:

  • Fully detailed report on all equipment including ducting and where applicable canopy’s and interlocks.
  • Any defects identified and action taken to provide a solution.
  • Inspection of supply pipework and final connections.
  • Full functional test to confirm appliance is safe.
  • Produce a gas safety certificate upon a successful inspection including gas safe registration number.

  • The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 states that Annual gas safety checks are required by law and the Gas Safety regulations of 1998 also state that all gas work, including fittings must be carried out by a licenced provider.

    Failure to have a safety check on your gas fired appliances every 12 months could lead to prosecution!

    To book a Gas Safety check please call 01472 485744 or enquire below.

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    Preventative Maintenance

    Prevention is always better than the cure and there are many benefits to maintaining your commercial laundry and catering equipment.

    Our planned maintenance visit covers:

  • Component check - All components are visually inspected to ensure they are still operating efficiently and in good working order.
  • Electrical safety - All equipment wiring is inspected and any defects recorded and repaired as required.
  • Water and Drainage - All water filters and drainage traps are removed and cleaned to ensure all is flowing as it should.

  • Benefits from a TMS planned maintenance visit:

  • Reduce breakdowns
  • Maintaining efficiency.
  • Reduce down time.
  • Reduce repair bills.

  • With prices from £40 per appliance or enquire about our total maintenance solution which includes annual gas safety inspections where applicable.

    To book a Planned Maintenance Visit please call 01472 485744 or enquire below.

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    Dryer Duct Cleaning

    This is a critical aspect of commercial laundry maintenance. Your tumble dryer duct is designed to remove moisture and lint as you use your dryer and over time lint and debris may build up causing a reduction in air flow and results in higher energy consumption and if ignored could result in the lint catching fire as it overheats.

    A TMS duct clean will cover the following:

  • Full visual inspection
  • Full clean of ducting and filters including fan where applicable
  • Report of work carried out
  • Before and after photos

  • The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety regulations (2005) states you must carry out fire safety risk assessments and keep them up to date, Which includes an inspection and assessment of the duct work and carry out maintenance as required.

    Your insurer may also require you to produce proof of maintenance of your dryer and duct work, fires caused by equipment with no or poor maintenance records could result in your insurance policy not paying out.


  • Stay Safe
  • Comply with safety regulations
  • Improve Dryer efficiency
  • Prolong life of equipment

  • To book a duct clean please call 01472 485744 or enquire below.

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